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Peace Of Mind For You And Your Loved Ones

We never know what the future holds, so making plans for your future now, while you are fit and well, is essential. Having a Will in place makes sure your arrangements are carried out and your estate is protected.Using a Lasting Power of Attorney you can appoint the people you trust most to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so.

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A Will gives you and your family peace of mind, making sure your wishes are carried out and your estate is protected.

Benefits of making a Will:

  • You can instruct how your estate is to be divided – making sure your loved ones inherit what you want them to.
  • You avoid costly and lengthy delays in distributing your estate.
  • You can list specific instructions such as donations to charities or making funeral arrangements.
  • Removes any doubt over who will inherit what helping you to know for sure your loved ones will be looked after
  • Removes both the financial and emotional burden from your loved ones.

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

  • If you don’t have a will in place adds to the stress of your loved ones at an already difficult time. Plus
  • Your estate will be distributed in accordance with the laws of intestacy.
  • These laws govern what happens to your estate and they follow strict rules
  • If you do not have a will your loved ones may not inherit as much as you want them to or they may inherit nothing at all.

We recommend reviewing your Will periodically to ensure any changes in your wishes or circumstances are reflected.

Arranging your Will is not difficult. Our experts will listen to your wishes over the phone and put together bespoke documents that suit your personal circumstances.


Last Power of Attorney

Using an LPA, you can appoint people you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. Without an LPA your loved ones will find it difficult to manage your affairs on your behalf as they will not have the authority to do so.

There are two different types of LPA, covering different areas of your life:


LPA – Property and Financial Affairs

  • This allows you to nominate those you chose to act on your behalf to make decisions about your finances and property. They can organise paying your bills, managing your bank account (s) and pensions, and selling your home on your behalf if necessary.

LPA – Health and Welfare

  • Using this type of LPA your attorneys can make decisions about your health and welfare, which may include deciding where you live and agreeing with your medical treatment. This type of LPA is only used if you are unable to make decisions yourself.
  • Arranging an LPA is not difficult. Our experts will listen to your wishes over the phone and put together bespoke documents that suit your personal circumstances.

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  • No hidden costs – We will be upfront and transparent on the costs

The FCA does not regulate Estate Planning.

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