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Types Of Annuities

Lifetime Annuities

lifetime annuity pays you a guaranteed income for the rest of your life. You can choose the income payments to continue for your spouse or dependents when you die and the income will not be subject to stock market fluctuations. With an enhanced annuity you can receive a higher income based on certain health conditions and lifestyle choices. Find out more about lifetime annuities.

Fixed Term Annuities

A guaranteed income for a fixed term plus a tax-free lump sum. With a fixed term annuity, you decide the term of the fixed income payments. You can opt to strip the fund down over the chosen term or leave yourself a guaranteed maturity amount at the end of the fixed term to then review the market with. At the end of the fixed term period you have all the same options available to you as you had when you set the plan up. Find out more about fixed term annuities

Enhanced Annuities

Enhanced Annuities will pay you a higher income based on health and lifestyle choices. If you have diabetes, heart disease or other more common conditions such as high cholesterol you WILL qualify. It is important to provide as much information as possible to secure the enhancement you and your spouse are entitled too.

See our enhanced annuity examples.


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