What our customers say…………

  • Geoffrey Brook

    “Equity Release has been used to fund some house improvements and allowed me to take a trip to New Zealand and I am now in the process of arranging a trip to the Tokyo Olympics. Equity Release has enabled me to fulfil my bucket list. The face to face appointment was very helpful, informative and it covered many more points than I had thought of. Steve was the second consultant to visit and ‘knocked the spots off the first one. Steve’s knowledge was absolutely invaluable. He guided me through the pitfalls that could occur. Overall the level of service was first rate and could not be faulted. I would absolutely recommend Steve to a friend who was interested in Equity Release?”

  • Kathleen Maguire

    “I am using the money to have a loft extension, landscaping my front garden, may be a new car and it's just great having the opportunity to do what I want without worrying about my finances. The face to face appointment at my home was very informative and exceedingly helpful. The benefits of having a face to face appointment were that it made things more personal, I find it easier to talk to a person rather than just a voice over the phone or dealing with everything on line. Also, the adviser was able to go through all the paperwork with me to ensure that I understood everything. He also researched a large number of companies dealing in equity release and found a really good deal for me. The level of service I received was excellent. Retirement Solutions were able to answer all the questions I asked and even some that I didn't. I felt completely confident that I had been given first class information.”

  • George Mason

    “I must admit I didn’t know anything about equity release before meeting the adviser, Mr Baldwin. I will be using equity release to pay off my outstanding mortgage. I am now free of mortgage payments and free of worrying about having to find mortgage payments. My home visit was very professional, helpful and understanding. Having a face to face meeting was so much better in many ways I always felt relaxed confident and listened too. Mr Baldwin was very helpful in finding me the best release deal. I’m satisfied with the equity I was able to obtain and I am very pleased with the service provided. I would definitely recommend Retirement Solutions to anyone who was contemplating equity release. I’m so happy now. ”

Equity release may involve a home reversion plan or lifetime mortgage which is secured against your property. To understand the features and risks; ask for a personalized illustration.